A Witch's Primer


Basic Training in "Non-Denominational Witchcraft."  

The purpose of this audio course is to give you basic tools of magic that you can use to make your life better in every way. I have been teaching A Witch's Primer for approximately 30 years and am very pleased to be able to offer the entire 18-week course online to any student of the Craft who desires to learn it, completely free of charge.

Following are the audio lessons/lectures which make up the course. Please take only one lesson each week, listening to each week's lesson as many times as you like during the week and taking good notes. Keep a notebook of your Primer lessons so that you can refer back to them easily. Meditations which accompany some of the lessons are marked with an (A) after the lesson number.  

Be sure that you listen to any meditations or recorded exercises which go along with a particular lesson as often as you need to in order to accomplish the goal of that particular lesson. Some meditations, such as Grounding and Centering and the Orb of Light, are meant to be done daily. It is perfectly fne to "ween" yourself off the recordings so that you can do them on your own as a part of your daily magical practice, but feel free to continue to use the recordings if you prefer.

Please note that the lesson on Sabbats has no audio file associated with it, due to the fact that this audio course was recorded to allow people to learn the Craft separately from the religious aspects commonly associated with Witchcraft. You will find at the bottom of the list a link to a PDF lesson on the Sabbats called, "The Wheel of the Year." If you are planning on going forward to study with the a tradition, or are interested in practicing the seasonal celebrations on your own, you will want to familiarize yourself with this lesson as well.

The handout on casting a circle includes sections on invocations of the God and Goddess, and cakes and wine.  If you are not casting a circle within a religious context, you may simply omit these steps.

Be sure to sign up on our online discussion forum to participate in discussions with me and other students!

Thank you very much for listening. I wish you joy, and success on your path of magic.


A Witch's Primer Updates

Occasionally, I will release a supplimental audio that is not part of the original class. Below is the feed where you can find any supplementary material.